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Title: Haunted House

Description: Haunted House is a bit scary hidden object online game. Do you believe in ghosts? This question is a little inconvenient because we always find mixed opinions; some believe and some do not. Strange story tales that are confirming parallel presence of ghosts in the human world exist since the Middle Age. We are always delighted by the stories of ghost’s existence and that are passed from generation to generation. That was so because people, in that time, could not give a scientific explanation about inexplicable phenomenon and so they were easier to believe in ghosts. Ghost stories have diverse content and what is common for all of them is that the ghosts appear in the dark night. Especially, they love dark abandoned house for their prepossession. Ghosts do not like to be disturbed or investigated and because of that, they can sometimes be very tricky and intimidating. If you are attracted of these stories then, this game is the real thing and it will clarify you how they look and where are they hiding. When you get into the game, you will see a picture of ordinary big house but unusual is that the house hides some things. You cannot see them even if you look very careful the image. You must use your magnifying lens to search for the objects which will only appear when you have the lens over them. So, your aim is to find all of the hidden objects in this spooky haunted house and earn points. Use the mouse to find 10 hidden objects by clicking the left button. You will win 10 points for every right click and lose 10 points if you make wrong click. If you cannot find all hidden items, then you have three hints for help. When you win the first level then you will go inside the haunted house for more hidden objects to be found. I hope that this game will explain you a bit about unseen ghosts and will allow you a good time because the game is not so hard. Nice play!

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Haunted House