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Title: Graffiti City

Description: Graffiti City is creative hidden object online game. This game gave us a reason to think about graffiti. Someone is pro and others against them. We all know that for any kind of art we need talent. And I can say with certainty that those who draw graffiti are very talented people. Graffiti are very unusual way of expressing emotions. Opinions are divided; whether it is art or just a lack of educated children. As we all know graffiti are sketches, drawings or messages left on walls of the houses or buildings, in fact on public places. They are so spread everywhere that, there is no city in the world which does not have graffiti on their walls. Drawing or writing on the wall is done with different color sprays. Sometimes the pictures can be very beautiful; actually these pictures are worth admiring. As well, messages may have a rebellious content as a result of some dissatisfaction which is currently among the younger population. Usually the young people are main culprits of drawing graffiti, and I always wonder when they do that? We can only see that our city is enriched by a masterpiece next morning. Lately, problem with graffiti is solved in way to build a space exclusively for this purpose. This is a very nice idea because everyone can express their current feelings on that wall. Now you have to imagine that you live in the graffiti city inside of Graffiti global. Wherever you look at are graffiti, everything around you is spottily and filled with broad range of colors. How it sounds this? Listen! You have to find your lost objects. You lost a few items when you put them in your pocket during your preparation for drawing graffiti. Now you must find those items. You need to search in various places of some graffiti city. Lost items are placed at the bottom of your screen and you need to recognize them. Their shadow is only given to you. Be careful to hit the correct item and win points. You should know that your quest can not continue indefinitely. Time is limited and you can see how much time you still remain on the timer above the requested objects. Each item found will be replaced with a new one until you find them all. Have fun!

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Graffiti City